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Sylwia Górska - Przytulska

Sylwia Górska - Przytulska

Sylwia Górska - Przytulska, Global Learning and Development Leader, IKEA


Talk title: You can only improve and solve when you understand! From Customer Experience Mindset to Co-worker Experience Journey



Creating a better everyday life for the many people had been a mission for IKEA for decades. Having the co-worker in focus has been part of our core values forever.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA used to say that “No one can be happy or do a good job unless they like the place where they work”. Improving a whole working experience for a co-worker requires understanding of their perceptions, motivations, situation and needs. It enables us to discover the full story so we can develop actionable insights targeted at solving the right challenges with the best solutions and the right measurement. It is a blended and holistic organisational approach and HR cannot work in isolation. During this session we will look at how we at IKEA are navigating ourselves through this journey, securing the right culture, the right mindset and the right leaders approach, creating a better every day working life for our co-worker. 


Bio note


A business practitioner with a great focus on people. Her mission is to inspire, to reveal people's personal potential, so they can bring value and contribute ​​to their professional and personal environment. Echoing what a Founder of IKEA Ingvard Kamprad says, "No method is more effective than a good example."

A graduate from The Leys School in Cambridge,  Economics from the University of Birmingham in the UK and Law and Administration from the University of Warsaw, but she has always looked at legal books and charts through a human lens. She gained professional experience in the following industries: pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consulting. She had been a Communication Director and HR Director for many international organizations, where she led global teams.

She sees herself as a Global Citizen. She grew up, studied and worked in the UK, which is one of her three homes. She worked and lived in Germany, the United States, Poland, and now lives and works in Sweden. She has always worked and managed global teams as people and the value they bring through cultural differences and experiences, are most important to her.

She has been supporting students and young entrepreneurs as a Mentor in startups and development programs for over 15 years.

Global Leader at IKEA responsible for employee development and trainings in 32 countries.

Privately, a mother of two wonderful teenagers. She loves inspiring conversations and interactions with people. Passionate about reading good books and a lover of long walks along the beach with her two dogs.