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Jowita Michalska

Jowita Michalska

CEO & Founder of Digital University, Singularity University Warsaw Chapter Ambassador


Talk title: Non-Obvious Digital Trends for HR



Non-Obvious Digital Trends for HR


As we do every year at Digital University, we not only cover the Metatrends that will be key to the coming decade, but we also take a close look at what will have the biggest impact on our business, lives and environment in the coming year. 

This was not a typical year, as the collision of several major events suddenly reset humanity and our future. Covid-19 accelerated and increased the power of disruption and continues to permeate every aspect of society, from our offices to our bedrooms. We have been forced to reckon with work, health, data, and security challenges like never before in modern history. 

Keeping track of these and other signals is important because they shape the world to come. This is not the time to raise our hands and wait for the "new normal" to arrive. Our new normal is already here: it is constant disruption. 

Now is the time to recognize the upcoming signals and create a vision for your organization, make strategic decisions, prioritize technology investments, and create tactical actions that will move any organization forward remembering that the foundation of change is people and a company culture that fosters growth, change, and innovation. 

In this presentation, I will share with you some clear signals related to science and technology that will have a direct impact on the labor market, employment, organizational culture, changes taking place due to the hybrid work model and digitization of companies. I would like this to be a benchmark that will help everyone make the right decisions.