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Błażej Jurewicz

Błażej Jurewicz

Effective Decision Processing Expert, President of the Management Board of Architects of Value


Talk title: What distinguishes high performance teams



Top-Team Building  - What distinguish highly performance teams? 

Few people realize that the development of their competences is managed in the same way as business: strategically or tactically.  Tactics help to improve business efficiency in a given role, but often also lead to frustration. The strategy in development management can be frustrating, but leads to higher efficiency. The results are  built by self-awareness of the strengths and matching them to the team's strengths and business requirements. The key is what and how we will observe, measure and develop within ourselves. During this meeting, I will tell you how to build the top team around your strengths, and how to avoid frustration and poor performance?


Bio note

An expert in the area of the effective decision-making process. For 10 years he has been helping leaders in transforming "from HR to EBIT". Prepares teams and managers to the requirements of the organization by building self - awareness, using strengths and effectiveness in the top team. The result of his work is a permanent adjustment of the business potential of the staff to the business role that is optimal for a person and meets the needs of the strategy. Błażej Jurewicz is the president of the board at Architects of Value, as well as an advisor to the board of Centrum Medyczno-Diagnostyczne. The result of his three years of work with the board management  and the leadership staff in the industry was an increase in EBIT profitability by x2.5. Błażej is a member of the Employers' Council of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw, a member of the IFIC Polska Association, a finalist of the Global Management Challenge (2007), and also the Best Business Advisor in the Enactus 2018 competition. In the area of strategic management, strategic thinking, talent management, effective decision-making process and organizational culture. Author of articles on business awareness and management as well as columns on personal effectiveness and strengths management.