Prof. Markus F. Peschl

Prof. Markus F. Peschl

Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna, Co-Founder & CSO at theLivingCore


Title: Making Your Company Ready For Post-Corona by Innovation Led From the Future

Abstract: In this talk you will learn how it is possible to identify and deal with future potentials for your organization andfor your business models. You will understand how to break your patterns from the past and how to make use of these potentials in an innovation process that is based on an approach of “learning from the future as it emerges”.



Title: Changing Your Innovation Mindset

Abstract: As we are living in a highly complex, digital, and unpredictable (VUCA [volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous]) world, it is no longer sufficient to apply classical approaches of prediction, and of planning and “managing” innovation. Stage-gate methods or similar processes are based on extrapolating past experiences into the futureHowever, our present has already changed dramatically and, even more, our future will be fundamentally different from what has worked successful in the past. This applies especially in a world that is going through a digital transformation. Hence, a mechanistic approach to management in the context of (radical) innovation will most certainly fail. Predicting and controlling innovation by applying rules or recipes simply does not work any longer and proves to be a contradiction in itself. But what is the alternative? In this interactive workshop, the need for a change of approaches, tools, and mindset will become evident.



Markus Peschl is Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna. His research is driven by the question how novelty and innovation come into the world. He focuses on the interdisciplinary fields of innovation, knowledge, organizational change, cognition and the design of so-called “Enabling Spaces,” i.e. spaces for the generation of new knowledge and innovations.

He is co-founder of The Living Core, where he serves as chief scientific officer; in this capacity, he brings leading-edge research directly to the clients and has many years of international experience in consulting projects. Markus Peschl has published more than 140 articles and six books. 




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