Kamila Karpińska

Kamila Karpińska

Trainer and Psychologist at Stresoterapia


My name is Kamila Karpińska. Before embarking on the yoga and meditation journey I worked a couple of years in HR as a Recruitment Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in international companies. Therefore, I understand the business background for stress management challenges. My current professional path: yoga and breath work journey started 15 years ago. In the same time I was studying psychology and neuroscience. I realized those both tools : working with body and mind give us great chance to stay calm, happy and healthy.
Nowadays, my main focus is to help people in coping with stress-related disorders, psychosomatic issues and bringing relief both from emotional and physical pain.
I have Masters' Degree in Social Psychology and European Studies awarded at University of Warsaw, Göteborgs Universitet (Sweden) and Northeastern Illinois University (USA). Currently, I am studying Somatic Experiencing- neuroscientific method focusing on healing trauma and stress disorders and sharing my knowledge in social media:


Mindfulness Session description:

Release The Tension is a short session of a relaxation and breathing exercises based on mindfulness. Firstly, you will notice how the diaphragmatic breathing appears, which supports the regulation of the nervous system, calms and reduces the stress response. Secondly, we'll do an exercise that helps reduce emotional tension and control unwanted thoughts.

Created for everyone who wants to learn a simple method of relaxation, calm emotions and regenerate the body during an intense day or at bedtime. Practice does not require prior experience in meditation or breathing exercises. This session is perfect to do during the day,  while sitting - at any time, when we lose control over the level of stress that we're experiencing.