Julia Kołodko, PhD

Julia Kołodko, PhD

Behavioural Scientist, Trainer, Consultant


Title: Thinking Traps, Motivation, Productivity and Procrastination. How To Use Behavioral Economics To Enhance The Well-Being and Business Effectiveness of Your Employees? (PL)


It could appear that we live in perfect time for a huge experiment that suddenly we all landed in! The whole world started to work remotely. Emails, Zoom, Skype, Teams…an amount of applications that we can use to stay in touch and handle our projects is overwhelming. If so, why even those employees, who have a perfect work environment at their own homes, are less productive when doing their tasks remotely? How to help yourself and your people work more effectively? You will get the answers during this workshop! We will see into the way our brains are functioning and how it is connected to the motivation level, productivity, and well-being of your employees. Participants will learn about the most common thinking traps that prevent us from doing our jobs effectively when working from home.  They also will be equipped with helpful strategies for making human irrationality works for their advantage, not against them.



Julia Kolodko, PhD is an adviser in the field of behavioral science. She holds a PhD in behavioral economics from Warwick Business School, where she was The Behavioral Insights Team an British Economic and Social Research Council scholar. As part of her doctoral work and in collaboration with the British government, she conducted research on how to communicate social problems to encourage people to address them. 


Before embarking on the consulting, training and academic journey, Julia worked for 10 years in marketing in Poland and Italy, in the telecommunications, banking and media sectors. He holds the Professional Diploma in Marketing certificate, issued by The Chartered Institute of Marketing in Great Britain, is a certified ICF and Bulletproof Training Institute coach and a yoga teacher.